VDOC MSF – Mt. Rogers

Location: Independence, Virgina

Units: 298 Rear Chase Cells and Shower units

Fabrication: 6 weeks, August and September 2008

Shipping: October 2008

Installer: R & S Corporation

Architect: Moseley Architects

Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Details:  This was a unique undertaking by the State and project team, SteelCell was awarded 298 units in three buildings and utilized a site built panel cell system on 278 units in the two other housing building. All SteelCell units were delivered and installed during October of 2008. The wall panels that were utilized in the other buildings were still being welded together in Nov of 2009.OVER AN ENTIRE YEAR LATER!! While we are very confident all cells are secure and functional, this was a perfect opportunity to point out the drastic differences in time associated with the two systems. It is rare to be afforded such an “apples to apples” comparison with a competing system.