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Unique Advantages

The Prefabricated Concept

Prefabrication is a modular concept for construction. Parts of a project are made, or prefabricated, before being delivered and installed on a job site. The project team determines what level of prefabrication can occur. The more elements that are prefabricated, the bigger the savings.

Prefabrication can speed up the completion of a construction project. When part of the construction project happens off-site, it can run parallel to other processes taking place on-site. This saves time compared to the sequential scheduling process. Saving time also saves money. It is also typical to see cost savings on the part done off-site due to the replacement of field labor with factory labor. A well-designed prefabrication plant will streamline the process by optimizing the factory layout. The product can move through labor stations rather than the labor moving through products. Another clear advantage to a well-designed factory is the high level of quality control. A smart factory includes controlled environments for coatings and in-line quality control. Construction sites are weather sensitive and provide limited space. The factory setting has many advantages.

A prefabrication facility should be able to move products in an efficient and safe manner. Material handling should be emphasized to ensure low cost and worker efficiency. The area designated for final coatings should be an optimal environment. It should control temperature, air flow and humidity levels. These conditions are required for peak performance. With larger products, adequate space for staging before shipping is essential. The prefabricated manufacturing operation should not be weather sensitive for optimal efficiency.

A variety of projects would benefit from using modular, prefabricated units. Any project with repeating rooms, such as a dormitory, apartment building or hotel. Projects in areas of the country that lack skilled labor or that have short building seasons would benefit because most of the labor happens in our plant. This allows projects to maximize their timeline. Projects with complex construction can be thoroughly monitored in a controlled environment. All projects would benefit from our high level of quality control.

For a client, seeing the manufacturing facility is always a good idea. Much of the benefit of prefabrication is based upon quality, cost and speed. Visit the factory and see the process to understand what is possible.

SteelCell of North America has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and years of experience. We have thousands of cells in the field. Most importantly, SteelCell continues to innovate and expand what is available in prefabrication. Contact us to arrange a factory visit before you begin your project.

Cell with sink
Shower Walls
Cell with beds

Complete List of Features

Fully Outfitted in Factory:

  • Customizable specifications for fixtures and furniture
  • Tested to ASTM standards under development
  • All fixtures and furniture fully gusseted to walls with an enclosed bottom
  • Anti-contraband
  • Options include:
    • Bunks
    • Combination sink and toilet
    • Shower Stalls
    • Light fixtures
    • Clothes hooks
    • Book shelves
    • Other options available

Cell Front Options:

  • Door flush with cell front
  • Light in door
  • Swing or slider
  • Woven mesh
  • Fully or partially glazed
  • PREA compliant obscured panels


  • Cells will support the weight of the cells above them
  • Top of lower cell is floor of upper cell


  • Compliant to National Building Codes
  • ADA-compliant models available
  • Adds points towards LEED certification
  • Industrialized Building Commission certified Quality Control system and manufacturing plant
  • Cells are designed to withstand the highest seismic zones

A60 Galvanneal Steel:

  • Fabricated from the highest quality coated alloy steel that will resist corrosion
  • A60 is a true alloy, increasing lifetime of products
  • Insulated for sound deadening and thermal resistance
  • Lighter weight reduces load on foundation floors
  • Virtually unlimited design configuration flexibility
  • Independence of building structure allows for maximum design flexibility

Polyurea Coating:

  • USDA approved
  • Five to ten times thicker than typical coatings
  • Greater than 1,000 PSI adhesion
  • Resistant to the harshest cleaning solutions
  • Will not harbor bacteria, mold, mildew or fluid-borne diseases
  • Slight texture finish for graffiti resistance
  • Tested to ASTM standards under development
  • Not brittle or prone to cracking and delamination like baked-on powder coating or epoxy