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SteelCell locks, hardware, and devices, formerly Midwest Portland, develops and manufactures high security Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical locks.

We have developed a global reputation for industry-leading design, innovative engineering and cost-efficient solutions. We are dedicated to improving our customer's image, performance, profitability, and peace of mind.

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Electronic Locks

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Electro-Mechanical Locks

Our electro-mechanical locks combine the advanced programmability and controls of electronics with the strength and security of mechanical locks, providing enhanced access control and convenience. The electric signals trigger the lock's mechanical actions remotely.


Mechanical Locks

Our mechanical locks rely solely on the engineering of their internal mechanical components and do not require any electrical power to operate securely.

Benefits include simplicity, reliability, and an inability to be hacked or affected by power outages. No wiring or batteries needed.

Mechanical Locks