SteelCell has a longstanding track record of providing custom modular units for various security solutions. Our team partners with owners and designers for every element of our quality prefabricated units, from room shape to interior furnishings. We have more than 21,900 prefabricated units in the United States and abroad. 

We’re passionate about finding creative solutions to difficult challenges. Our unmatched production capabilities have been proven on more than 180 projects. See how our work is better, smarter, and faster than the competition.

The Most Flexible Solution on the Market Made with the Strongest Steel

All of our custom prefabricated units are made from A60 Galvanneal Steel to increase lifetime and improve sound and thermal insulation. This light and durable material is more affordable to ship and reduces long-term maintenance costs because it’s easy to clean and less prone to cracking.

Rest Assured, We Take Care Of All National Building Code Concerns

SteelCell has been ensuring the safety of residents and staff since 2001. Our construction integrity is trusted by all levels of government and withstands even the toughest conditions, including the highest seismic zones. 

Add Points to LEED Certification with the Greenest Building Solution on the Market 

We use domestic steel that’s recycled when possible. Our construction methods reduce tracks to the job site, and our materials can be completely recycled.