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Muskegon County Detention Center

Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon County Detention Center #1 Muskegon County Detention Center #2

Muskegon, Michigan wanted to build a new detention center near the city's downtown. SteelCell of North America worked with Goldberg Group Architects to develop custom detention cells. They needed to work with the tight dimensions of the mid-rise floorplan. To reduce operational costs, this project needed to maximize beds while minimizing correctional officers. The first floor contained jail intake and support areas, such as the laundry and the kitchen. Floors two and three contained the housing for inmates, with 622 beds in total.

Our team of engineers designed a lightweight cell to fit all the requirements for this fast-paced project. The cells also follow state codes, local codes and ACA requirements. This is essential to saving costs in a detention center with multiple floors. This lightweight Galvannealed steel design lowered this project's structural and foundation costs. In addition, our cells arrived right on time. They were installed using lightweight equipment, saving time and reducing installation costs.

The rear chase aspect of the cells we created also contributed to the security of this facility. The architect was able to design a narrow corridor wrapping around the outside of the cells. It prevented maintenance workers from entering the secure area. Besides increasing safety, this allows repairmen to work more efficiently. Everything they need to access is in the same place. This facilitated the use of architectural finishes on the outside of the building.

Specifications: Started in April 2014
Completed in August 2015
622 beds
$28.4 million dollar budget

Design by Goldberg Group Architects, PC

Muskegon County Detention Center #3