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White County Detention Center

Cleveland, Georgia

White County Detention Center #1

White County built a unique facility in 2010. It is the perfect example of a low budget jail that did not sacrifice quality or efficiency. With a mixture of two-man and four-man modular cells, SteelCell of North America provided 176 beds.

The new building substantially increased the jail's capacity. But it maintained the same number of staff members, lowering operational costs for the county. The detention center is staffed by 18 jailers.

Previous to the new facility's construction, White County had been paying $40,000 to $70,000 per month to surrounding counties to house overflow prisoners. The new jail solved the issue of overcrowding. It eliminated the costly process of transporting inmates to other facilities.

The facility was finished ahead of schedule and under budget. This was partially due to the detention units SteelCell manufactured. Over $90,000 of the budget was returned to White County.

Goldberg Group Architects also designed the facility for future expansion. There is room for an additional 24 beds, which would raise the facility's capacity to 200.

Started in November 2011
Completed in April 2012
176 beds
$10 million dollar budget

Design by Goldberg Group Architects, PC

White County Detention Center #2
White County Detention Center #3