Exceeding Compliance

Safety is in our DNA


Decades of Experience Meeting & Exceeding Compliance

SteelCell is compliant with all National Building Codes. The Industrialized Building Commission certified our Quality Control system and manufacturing plant.

Our modular units are designed to withstand the highest seismic zones and we can accommodate requests for ADA compliance.

team safety

We Care About People

SteelCell has a track record of keeping its employees safe. Our state-of-the-art factory creates a controlled environment with a streamlined layout. Our product moves through labor stations seamlessly to increase quality control and worker safety.

Because there are fewer tracks to the job site, overall working conditions are safer and less prone to accidents and injury.

Built Strong

Galvannealed Steel

Our cells are fabricated from the highest quality coated alloy steel that will resist corrosion.

Lighter weight prefabricated cells reduce load on foundation floors, which minimizes shifting and sinking. Because our structures are stackable, they will support the weight of cells above them. Our unlimited design options for fixtures and furniture are fully gussets to walls with an enclosed bottom.

Polyurea Coating

SteelCell uses a high performance non-toxic polyurea finish that is graffiti resistant and never rusts. This USDA approved coating is five to ten times thicker than typical coatings. It has a greater than 1,000 PSI adhesion which makes it less prone to cracking. The finish is more sanitary because it will not harbor bacteria, mold, mildew or fluid-borne diseases. It’s also resistant to the harshest cleaning solutions.

Secure Barrier

SteelCell has a track record of manufacturing rear mechanical chase units so the modules form a secure barrier. This substantially decreases the potential conveyance of contraband into the secure area. All designs are PREA compliant.

ASTM standards

Our materials are tested to ASTM standards during the development process.
Modular cell unit