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Years of Experience

SteelCell of North America has over 11,000 prefabricated units in the field today. This projects showcases our most recent work. It covers a variety of project sizes and locations. Our units serve minimum through maximum security men and women, youth room, DOD, mental health and private facilities at all levels of government. We also have projects throughout the United States, but also have international experience. A map of all our projects is available at the bottom of the page.

SteelCell's greatest strength is customization. Our projects contains photos and descriptions of past projects. Yet, each project had a unique opportunity and solution. We assist our clients in determining every element of the prefabricated units. This ranges from cell's shape to its interior furnishings. Our extensive experience, attention to detail and unmatched production capabilities have been proven on more than 180 projects. We are the best choice for building or renovating a detention project.

SteelCell of North America Project Locations